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Message from the President

Through the company's continual growth, we are contributing to the lasting prosperity of our employees and their families and to the development of local society.

We have named this objet d'art DREAM 21, and installed it in the Head Office reception area. As an attempt to visualize the philosophy of the CBC group, this work expresses CBC's management attitude of always pursuing lasting development and unlimited possibilities.

CBC has built up a prosperous business over the course of eight decades as a development-type general trading company that possesses both a trading company function complete with an extensive international network and a manufacturing function as a maker. The essential thing that has been passed down and been on repeated display throughout that time has been our insatiable desire to create and challenge in unknown fields. CBC has always walked a step ahead of the era while keeping its sights firmly on the future. Likewise, each of its employees has aimed at one-rank-above business and product development while thinking about how to make things even more convenient, comfortable, and safe.

Today, CBC has reached the point where it is able to make a valuable social contribution through its wide-ranging business developments in fields such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foods, chemical products, synthetic resins, electronic materials, IT-related, automotive, and security equipment by making health, safety and convenience its keywords and with its two axes of superiority -- namely its global network and its product development power -- as the cornerstones. The stage on which CBC displays its activities has expanded to cover the world and the company's business contents are expected to become even more complex and diversified in future. Even so, our common corporate philosophy of mutual prosperity --Dream Together" will never change and we will continue to apply our spirit of challenge in every era. Through this, we intend to fully maintain our stance as a company that continues to develop and prosper in perpetuity. And in this endeavor, we greatly appreciate the continued support of all our stakeholders.

Dream Together

Utaro Doi
President, CBC Co., Ltd