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Electronics Materials & Advanced Devices & MaterialsElectronics Materials & Advanced Devices & Materials

Advanced Devices and Materials


Always looking one step ahead into the future, CBC actively engages in developing enterprises in new fields that lie outside the domains of traditional businesses.

LED Lighting Equipment


The "fourth generation light," LEDs, are already used widely in LED chips for liquid crystal display backlights and camera flashes for mobile phones. Because LEDs can reduce the electricity consumption and CO2 emission dramatically compared to conventional lighting, they are attracting attention as the next generation digital light.

●Examples of LED lighting use

  • Outdoor LED lights such as street and park lights
  • Indoor LED lights such as light bulbs and recessed lighting
  • Digital signage such as large outdoor LED billboards
Metal and Mineral Resources


Securing metal resources is an important issue for the advancement of industry. Metals are used in daily-use items as constructional material, electronic material, and functional materials and they are essential to our daily lives. We work to advance in the resource business, procuring supplies from domestic and overseas sources, as well as make efforts to improve quality in response to the market and lower costs, always keeping environmental considerations and further contribution in mind.

  • Molybdenum
  • Tungsten
  • Silicon Metal
  • Silicon Manganese
Inorganic EL (Lighting)


CBC develops products such as the backlights for mobile phones and computer keyboards and lighting for hallways in apartment buildings. Inorganic EL is gaining attention from various industries including IT related industries as the environmentally friendly next generation switch.

Peltier units


Thermoelectric cooling is a completely chlorofluorocarbon free cooling/temperature regulation technology using the Peltier effect. Based on our optimum design knowhow, we market trustworthy and economical application products utilizing features of thermoelectric cooling such as its energy efficiency, light weight, compactness, quietness, precision temperature control and heating control properties.

●Uses for Peltier units

  • Thermoelectric refrigerators
  • Thermoelectric water dispensers
  • Electronic cooling units
  • Applied laboratory equipment
  • Thermoelectric dehumidifiers
  • Precision air conditioners
  • Server cooling units
  • Vehicle cooling units

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