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Electronics Materials & Advanced Devices & MaterialsElectronics Materials & Advanced Devices & Materials

Electronic Materials


We deal with various materials for electronic devices.

Semiconductor related Materials
  • Raw materials for sealing material
  • Carnauba wax (superfine)
  • Inorganic fillers
  • Molten silica (crushed and spherical)
Liquid Crystal related Materials
  • Liquid crystal(domestic or imported)
  • Remover (for resist, etc.)

OA Equipment
  • PFA tubes for OA rolls
  • Raw materials for thermal transfer ribbons
Other Electronic Device Materials
  • Double layer PCB(Print Circuit Board) (Nan-Ya Electronics, Taiwan)
  • Raw materials for EL lamps
  • Magnetic materials
    We import and sell various magnetic materials, mainly CoFe alloy (17% Co) from the German company Vacuumschmelze GmbH. Vacoflux 17 (CoFe alloy) is a magnetic alloy that can be used in casting, and which gives a more precise property than that of lost wax or MIM and high magnetic property suitable for various applications. Typical applications for the alloy are dot matrix printer heads, diesel engine parts, and components for mobile phone units.
  • Various copper alloys and cooper foil
  • LED
  • Display parts
    AR film, LR film, dispersants for PDP glass paste, thermal ribbons, MD-RPJ television screens, and pigments
  • Various materials for FCP
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Fullerene
  • Carbazole and its derivatives (CARBAZOLE) RÜTGERS products
    As RÜTGERS agents in Japan, we deal with these materials in various fields.
    High demand for electronic device is expected and it is one of the organic materials gaining much attention.

    CAS-No.: 86-74-8
    Purity: 97%
    Melting point: 240°C
    Boiling point: 351-354°
    Appearance, etc.:light grey color, solid flakes, odorless
    Packaging:100kg fiber drums
    Photoconductive drum for copy machines
    Dye-sensitized solar cells
    Pigments (Violet 23)
    Dielectric/conductive resins

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