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CBC's Overseas Development

CBC operates a global network over 30 bases around the world including the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We produce new value for the next generation by coordinating our business and making use of our extensive information network and planning power.

We excel at development that rests on commodity power, technological power, sales power and overseas development power as its major pillars and with business diversification and manufacturing as its core elements.

Global Network Coordination and Strengthening

CBC has established a basic policy that takes its global strategy and manufacturing as its two main pillars and has been steadily implementing this. However, our single most defining characteristic lies in our global distribution network and the sales power that makes full use of this network.
Within the matrix formed by our trading company and maker functions, we have attempted to diversify our business by making use of the CBC Group's network, information gathering, and cooperation power to forge links organically with various companies. CBC's great strength is that we are able to develop our area strategy and product strategy in a multilayered way.

History of CBC's Overseas Development

1970 Established local affiliates in New York, London, and Hong Kong followed by subsequent positive efforts to make overseas advances
1988 Established a local branch in Milan
2000 Established CBC INGS (HK) Co., Ltd. (EMI shielding processing)
2002 Established CBC INGS (CHANGSHU) Co., Ltd. (EMI shielding processing)
2005 Established bases in Mumbai, Moscow, and Guangzhou
2006 Established CBC OPTRONICS (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.(optical lens production)
2006 Acquired Procos S.p.A. (Italy) (custom manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, etc.)
2008 Established CBC INGS (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.
2008 Established a local affiliate in India
2008 Established a local affiliate in Beiging
2008 Established a local affiliate in Spain
2011 Established PT. CBC PRIMA in Indonesia
2012 Acquired Intrachem Bio Italia S.p.A. (Italy) (Biological plant protection products)
2013 Merged Intrachem Bio Italia S.p.A. with CBC EUROPE S.r.l
2013 Established a local branch in Mexico
2016 Established VINA CBC Co., Ltd. in Vietnam
2017 Acquired abc dental ag (Switzerland)

CBC first began to make overseas advances half a century ago. In 1960 and 61, we set up representative offices in the United States (New York) and the United Kingdom (London) in rapid succession, and a decade later in 1970, we established a local affiliate in Hong Kong. Since then we have attempted to steadily expand our overseas developments by, for example, establishing local affiliates in Germany in 1982 and in Italy in 1988.
Moreover, we have reinforced our sales bases in the developing world, including by opening a representative office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), establishing local affiliates in India (Mumbai) and China (Beijing), and expanding our sales bases in Russia (Moscow) and Poland (Warsaw).
We are continuing to expand our operational bases, by giving positive investment to the rising nations, recently through the establishment of local affiliates in Thailand (Amata Nakorn), Indonesia (Jakarta), etc.

Base Expansion and Functional Strengthening of Our Overseas Manufacturing Business

By setting out globalization and the manufacturing business as the main elements in its basic strategy, CBC is attempting to achieve integrated development by reinforcing its functions as a manufacturing-type trading company with a global foundation.As a manufacturing-type trading company, we are reinforcing these functions by operating our own factories and outsourcing production to custom factories around the world in a variety of fields.

Our main strengths lie in our possession of a matrix of trading company and maker functions and in our development of an area strategy and product strategy in a multilayered fashion while also making use of the group's network power, information gathering power, and cooperation power.
This past year, we have begun a manufacturing operation in Thailand involving housing forming and decorative evaporation EMI shielding processing by means of vacum deposition. In future, we will promote further globalization by developing our business in line with our three keywords of health, safety, and convenience, and we will create new added value overseas too. We have built up a business with global management as its core, which is not unduly influenced by changes in the economic environment.

Procos: a Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Production Base in Italy

In 2006, CBC acquired Procos S.p.A.,the Italian-based company which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermedients. and starting up an outsourcing business dealing in these products. By making use of our raw material obtaining, information gathering, and networking power and integrating them with our high-technology manufacturing prowess, we are developing an outsourcing business in pharmaceutical ingredients that have become world standards.

INGS COMPANY: A Unique Production Department Operating Overseas

We are positioning ourselves as an extension parts manufacturer for automobiles and electronic equipment through the formation of an integrated process line composed of secondary processes such as molding, painting, vapor deposition (metal vapor deposition, optics vapor deposition), laser, printing, etc. Furthermore, we are expanding business operations with the stable production of reflectors for automobile lamps that rely mainly on aluminum vapor deposition. At present, we have an operation base in Japan, two in Asia and one in the United States of America to provide a high level of specialized technology to the world.

CBC Has Succeeded in Building a Solid Overseas Distribution Network of Facilities and Offices around the Globe

Since establishing our first overseas offices in 1970, CBC's efforts to develop our overseas business in the last 40 plus years have culminated in steady growth. CBC build a global network over 30 bases for our sales, distribution and manufacturing. We now have over 3,000 employees globally.

Moving forward, CBC will continue to develop our global overseas operations by integrating our unique and creative business model with the five strengths we have developed over our more than 90 years of track record and experience, namely "product power", "planning and development power", "sales power", "technological power", and "overseas development power".
Being always able to anticipate what will valuable for the next generations, we will keep on providing to our customers and to the society what they consider really valuable and what they request in the most suitable way. This is the kind of proactive business development we will be engaged in as a "Global Creative Company".