Privacy Policy

CBC Co., Ltd. fully recognizes the importance of personal information protection in today's highly information-intensive society. Based on the Personal Information Protection Law, the company has set forth the CBC Privacy Policy as detailed below, and is making every effort to appropriately protect the personal information in its possession.

  1. Legal Compliance
    CBC complies with relevant laws and norms with respect to personal information.
  2. Use of Personal Information
    CBC gathers personal information using appropriate methods and will make use of this information within a range of purposes of use.
  3. Joint Use of Personal Information
    CBC occasionally makes use of the information supplied by its customers jointly with the members of its overseas network.
  4. Management of Personal Information
    CBC makes every effort to prevent leakage, loss, damage, distortion, etc., with respect to the personal information it manages by undertaking thoroughly secure management of all such information.
  5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    CBC does not provide personal information to third parties without justifiable cause, except in cases where it has obtained the prior permission of the person to whom the information pertains or in cases based on law, etc.
  6. Disclosure, Amendment, End of Use, etc., of Personal Information
    CBC responds promptly to requests for personal information disclosure once it has confirmed that the requester is the person to whom the information pertains who has the right to obtain the information.
  7. Continuous Review and Improvement
    CBC continuously reviews its handling of personal information protection and attempts to make improvements in response to changes in the social environment.

Concerning Handling of Personal Information