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Industrial Materials - Coatings

CBC offers a wide range of products ranging from coating materials (solvents, resins, raw materials for resins, additives, and pigments) to paints.

Coating Materials

We offer a wide range of products from general purpose to biodegradable solvents.

  • Aromatic hydrocarbon based
  • Ether based
  • Acetate ester based
  • Alcohol based
  • Glycol
  • Glycol based
  • Ketone based
Coating Resins

We offer a variety of domestic and foreign solvent-borne, water-borne, and powder resins.

Solvent-based Resins

We offer various functional resins including thermosetting resins and engineering plastics.

  • Alkyd resin
  • Polyester resin
  • Amino resin
  • Fluoride resin
  • Vinyl resin
  • Acrylic resin
  • Epoxy resin
  • Polyamide resin
  • Polyurethane resin
  • Phenolic resin
  • Petroleum resin
  • Silicone resin
  • Chlorinated polyolefin resin
  • Powder resin for paint
  • Water-borne resin
  • Ultraviolet curable resin
Resin Pigments for Coating

We offer a variety of monomers, polyalcohols, and acids.

  • Monomers (EA, BA, MA, HA, MMA, 2-EHMA, 2-HEMA, HEA, SM, etc.)
  • Acids (adipic acid, phthalic anhydride, benzoic acid, etc.)
  • Polyalcohols (EG, DEG, TEG, PG, DPG, NPG, PE, TMP, glycerin, etc.)
  • Others (bisphenol A, paraformaldehyde, etc.)
Additives for Coating

We offer a variety of products from conventional coating additives to high functionality additives.

Various thickeners Urethane associative, HEC, CMC, HPMC, MC, Thixotropic Agent
Antifoaming agents Silicone-based and mineral oil-based
Leveling agents Modaflow, Carbopol, polymer-based, and silicone-based
Dispersants Inorganic salts, anionic activators, non-ionic activators, cationic activators, polymer-based, and silicone-based
Surfactants Anionic, cationic, and non-ionic
Other additives Defoamers, flame retardants, dryers, and UV absorbers
Troy Chemical additives --

We offer a lineup from titanium oxide, carbon black, to light interference pigment.

  • Titanium oxide/carbon black
  • Light interference pigments
    The only material in the world comprising five-layer pigment which changes color when viewed from different angles.

KUNDIG products
We sell online noncontact thickness gauge systems for films.

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Coating Agent
Hard coating agent
Silicone coating agent
UV Coating Process
Contract Processing Services

With decorative vapor deposition (especially discontinuous vapor deposition) as our main service, we undertake UV coating mainly for mobile phone housings as well. Currently, UV coating has become a necessity in the mobile phone market for the purpose of preventing scratching. CBC INGS COMPANY has adopted both decorative deposition and UV coating process equipment necessary for mobile phones and is contributing greatly to the production of mobile phone casings. We are also focusing on coating process for light metals and we are undertaking coating that brings out the best of light metals for mobile phones, digital cameras, and more.

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We sell Gokurosan™, a new bird repellent, developed jointly with Professor Sugita of Utsunomiya University.