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As a distributor for Nihon Cytec Industries Inc., CBC sells Modaflow, which has been used in the coating and ink industry worldwide for half a century.


Modaflow has been used widely over many years as a standard for fluidity modifiers and leveling agents in the coating and ink industry. As liquid types, there are ModaflowResin, MultiflowResin, and Modaflow9200.

  • Modaflow Resin:100% active acrylic polymer
  • Multiflow Resin: 50% xylene dilution
  • modaflow 9200:Optimum for clear top coating for automobiles
Modaflow Powder

Used as a silicone-free fluidity modifier for use in powder form.

  • Modaflow Powder 2000:For polyester (prevention of craters and rough surfaces)
  • Modaflow Powder Ⅲ:For epoxy (prevention of craters and pin holes)
  • Modaflow Powder 6000:Effective for all types of resins

A product developed for water-borne coatings.


Like cyclized rubber, Alpex is a hard but brittle resin, produced by processing cyclized rubber (natural and synthetic) with acid. Reaction is conducted in an organic solvent with phenol due to its solubility.

  • AlpexCK450:Uses sulfuric acid as a catalyst
  • AlpexCK514:Uses a Lewis acid as a catalyst