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SpectraFlair pigment is a multi-layer thin-film flake comprised of magnesium fluoride and aluminum. The pigments change from a typical metallic appearance in low illumination, to vivid, multi-rainbow effects in direct bright light. SpectraFlair pigment is a neutral color that may be used as the sole colorant or combined with other pigments and dyes to create subtle, sophisticated dimensions for products and spaces.

Frequently asked Questions

Light Diffractive Pigments (SpectraFlair ® )
Light Diffractive Effect


SpectraFlair pigments are light diffractive colorants that generate the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms moving over a liquid silver color. The combination of rainbow-like color, aluminum core, and high pigment flake diameter to thickness ratio of SpectraFlair pigments create the appealing, iridescent, liquid silver metallic appearance. To maintain the diffractive effect, the layer thickness and three-dimensional relief of the pigment must be controlled to very precise tolerances.


Standard Colors
SpectraFlair® Light Diffractive Pigment SpectraFlair Light Diffractive Pigments
Silver 1500-14 Fine grade
Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color
Silver 1500-20 Standard grade
Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color
Silver 1500-35 Coarse grade
Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color
SpectraFlair® Bright Silver Pigment SpectraFlair highly chromatic and glossy pigment
Product Specifications
Silver 1500-20 Standard grade
Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color
Silver 1500-35 Coarse grade
Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color
Bright Silver Standard grade
Liquid silver color


●SpectraFlair® Silver1500 Series
Three particle size grades of SpectraFlair pigment are available for use in coatings, plastics, inks and more.

  • Fine grade pigment (D50 of 14 microns)
    Creates a diffractive rainbow effect with smooth, satin-like effects.
  • Standard grade pigment (D50 of 20 microns)
    Optimally balances the diffractive rainbow effect with a high level of specular reflection.
  • Coarse grade pigment (D50 of 33 microns)
    Produces a diffractive rainbow effect that is more distinct and chromatic with a noticeably coarser and more sparkling appearance.

●SpectraFlair® Bright Silver Pigment
Unlike the 1500 series, the SpectraFlair® Bright Silver pigment does not produce a diffractive rainbow effect. Its characteristic is that even with an average particle diameter of 20 microns, Bright Silver generates the appearance of a particle diameter of over 35 microns with its high reflectivity.
These days, trends in designs are polarized to smooth and fine, or dazzling and coarse. However, in aiming for the latter, using large particle, high chromatic pigments for automobiles would most likely not be able to endure circulation. Therefore, SpectraFlair® Bright Silver pigment is perfect for this use.

●Product data sheet

SpectraFlair 1500 Series TDS(English)

SpectraFlair Bright Silver Pigment TDS(English)

SpectraFlair MSDS(English)