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Industrial Materials - Non-halogen, Phosphate-Type Flame Retardants (TERRAJU)


As an exclusive agency for Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG in Japan market, CBC provides a series of products centering not only on ammonium polyphosphate but also melamine derivatives and intumescent systems (thermal expansion system).

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Ammonium Polyphosphate (Phase I)

The product has properties of lower decomposition temperature and higher solubility in water due to lower degree of polymerization compared to phase Ⅱ ammonium polyphosphate.

FR CROS 481 Degree of polymerization=20,
D50=12 microns
FR CROS 485 Degree of polymerization=60,
D50=16 microns
FR CROS 485P Degree of polymerization=80,
D50=20 microns
Ammonium Polyphosphate (Phase II)

The material is a high molecular-type ammonium polyphosphate with a polymerization degree of over 1000 along with many cross linking points and branches. It has properties with higher decomposition temperature and lower water solubility. It can be used for many applications with modification of its properties by coating its surface with a variety of materials.

●Non-coated Type

FR CROS 484 Standard grade,
D50=18 microns
TERRAJU S-10 Super fine grade created with special technology,
D50=7 microns

●Coated Grades

FR CROS 486 Silane coated FR CROS 484
FR CROS 487 Melamine resin coated FR CROS 484
TERRAJU C-30 Melamine resin coated TERRAJU S-10
TERRAJU C-40 Melamine coated,
D50=18 microns
TERRAJU C-60 Melamine resin coated,
super fine grade
TERRAJU C-70 Melamine resin coated, standard grade
TERRAJU C-80 TERRAJU C-70 of higher water resistance and
expansion properties
Melamine Derivatives

Excellent flame retardant properties can be achieved for specific applications by using it alone or in combination with ammonium polyphosphate.

BUDIT 310 Melamine orthophosphate,
D50=10 microns, pH=5
BUDIT 311 Melamine pyrophosphate,
D50=10 microns, pH=3
BUDIT 311MPP Melamine pyrophosphate,
D50=10 microns, pH=4
BUDIT 312 Melamine polyphosphate,
D50=10 microns, pH=2
BUDIT 3141 Melamine polyphosphate,
D50=8 microns, pH=6
BUDIT 313 Melamine borate,
D50=15 microns
BUDIT 313G Granular-typed BUDIT 313
BUDIT 315 Fine grade of BUDIT 314,
D50=3 microns
BUDIT 315S Coated grade of BUDIT 315
BUDIT 326 Boron phosphate
Intumescent systems

Flame retardant properties can be achieved in base materials containing oxygen, by just adding to raw materials.

BUDIT 3167 Standard type, for thermoplastic resins
BUDIT 3157 Standard type, for thermoplastic resins
BUDIT 3076DCD Coated type, for thermoplastic resins


Besides the above products, Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG focuses on the development of tailor-made products to enhance customer satisfaction by taking advantage of their coating technologies.

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