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As a reliable partner that not only supplies raw materials, but also offers technology support, academic information, market information, and more for a wide range of areas that affect our daily lives, such as foods, textiles, and fashion, CBC is focused on the development, manufacturing, and diffusion of high value-added products.[Division]Life Products Division

Products & Service
  • Natural food ingredients
  • Food additives
  • Packages
  • Wide range of textile products
  • Functional materials and products


Mar 30,2017
FABEX 2017 / The World Food And Beverage Great Expo 2017
May 25,2015
Participated in the "ifia/HFE 2015 Exhibition"
Oct 01,2010
CBC to participate in Eco-Products 2010 (December 9 - 11)
  • We are a professional team specializing in "health", "packaging", and "distribution". Our comprehensive services range from the development of materials for functional food products containing ingredients good for one's health, the development of raw materials for food packaging, and the provision of recommendations on distribution
  • CBC capitalizes on its networks created during many years of experience within the Euro zone and Asia and brings its unique perspective in proposing and developing materials and products that meet domestic and overseas demand. It is also enhancing the development of eco-friendly and multi-functional materials.

Promotion such as

  • We plan and produce all the food packaging for a convenience store.