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As information electronic devices become thinner and more light weight, CBC has realized special hinge products with high torque and a small outer diameter. Additionally, with accumulated technology, CBC has made possible the production of highly durable and small sized hinges that is inimitable by competitors and established a stable supply system.

Hinge Production Technology
Main Features
  • Small outer diameter, high torque, durable (multiple fixing method)
  • Small size, vibration resistant
  • Distinct pull-in feel (latchless)
  • Variable torque available
Main Uses
  • Computer related: laptop computers (B5, A4, and other sizes), etc.
  • Liquid crystal related: display monitors, liquid crystal televisions, etc.
  • PDA related: electronic organizers, game consoles, DVD players, etc.
  • Ecology related: under floor storage doors, toilet seats, front doors, etc.