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Materials Contract Manufacturing - Light Metal Processing Technology


CBC plans, proposes, designs, and produces light metal parts (aluminum, SUS, titanium, magnesium, etc.) which improve design jointly with its partner companies, providing light metal parts that are thin, light, shielding, environmentally responsive, etc., to the IT field. Specifically, we provide contract processing services for integrated production to secondary processing for cast, pressed, and machining products.

Light Metal Processing Technology
Main Features
  • Establish sharp edge impression through the integration of press and machining technologies
  • Surface processing (decorative processing)
    - A wide variety of color expression is possible with high level alumite anodizing technology.
    - In regard to titanium and stainless steel, a wider variety of colors can be achieved by combining coloring through anodizing and pattern processing with laser markers.
  • We can provide integrated production from die design and production
    – press work – machining work – blast finishing/hairline finishing – anodizing – painting to assembly.
  • Overseas production is also possible.
  • We maintain high reliability and quality with extensive measurement and testing equipment.