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Materials Contract Manufacturing - Intaglio Printmaking

The graphic sheets produced with originally developed intaglio printing molding (mold print) technology are used mainly for operation key sheets such as for mobile phones, machine tools, medical devices, measuring equipment, etc.

Intaglio Printmaking
Production Method
  1. Urethane resin is injected into an intaglio print mold
  2. UV curing is conducted simultaneously as polyester film is adhered to the resin
  3. The polyester film side printed by the screen printing method (back side) and the molded resin side are decoratively matched.
  4. A multicolor patterned decorative product is completed
Main Uses

Keycaps, spacers, numerical keypads, cushioning material, screw covers, hinge covers, and various operation sheets

Main Features
  • It is possible to create any pattern on the surface of a product.
  • Because printing is done from the underside of the molded product, there are no design restrictions.
  • Giving the sheet a raised surface makes it easy to check switch positions and contribute to preventing operational errors.
  • Raised surfaces make it possible to design products with a high quality feel.
  • Molding operation sheets and keys as an integrated unit provides high water and dust proof properties.