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The sintered wire mesh made by German company GKD, established in 1925, is produced through a special process not available at other manufacturers and is used by major electronic device manufacturers as functional materials. Additionally, GKD's mesh weaving line is the fastest in the world, providing stable, mass production of high quality goods. As GKD's exclusive agency, CBC is developing high quality mesh based on continuous mass production and client needs.

Features of Sintered Wire Mesh
Production Process


Wire procurement – preparation – weaving – visual inspection – primary slitting – linking (welding) – ultrasonic cleaning – annealing treatment – seam marking – secondary slitting – final rolling – packaging and shipping

Main Features
  • Production of stable quality mesh through the procurement of high quality wire and high weaving technology
  • Annealing treatment makes it possible to prevent fraying (during secondary processing) and maintaining a stable mesh opening.
Main Uses
  • Electronic devices: filters to remove foreign material from ink jet printer heads, electrode separators in nickel-metal-hydride batteries, and earphone cover parts for mobile phones
  • Automobiles and airplanes: automobile muffler parts and wind-tunnels
  • Industrial use: chemical use, pharmaceutical use, separation of solids and liquids at food factories, foreign material removal, etc.
  • Industrial machinery: centrifuges and separators for filtering devices, etc.
  • Petroleum refining: filtering of solids and liquids during processing and removal of impurities in fluids during the refining process and in hot gas in the distillery column.
  • Construction material: external wall material for buildings, interior material, etc.