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Deposition Contract Manufacturing - Optical Thin Film Process (OPT System)


We contribute to the field of optoelectronics with our optical thin film technology based on the core technology of vacuum deposition.

Optical Thin Film Process (OPT System)


We use state of the art facilities and environment to achieve optical thin film processing with high-volume output and stable quality. In order to handle optical resin material in particular, we provide high quality and competitively priced coated products through integrated production conducted from cleaning to the final inspection inside a clean room. Additionally, for optical glass substrates, we provide multilayer film, non-shift film, metal film, and other coated products using the latest equipment and thin film technology. CBC also does small lot productions for various optical filters. We strive to develop new technologies to meet all client needs.

●Main Uses

  • AR coating
  • Cold mirrors
  • Dichroic mirrors
  • Beam splitters
  • IR cut filters
  • Laser mirror
  • Band-pass filters
  • AR coating for high power lasers
  • Unpolarized AR coating
  • ITO coating
  • Metal coating
    (Al, Ag, Au, Cr, Cu, etc.)