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Deposition Contract Manufacturing - UV Coating Finish (UV Coating)


We have built up a record and trust for UV exterior coating for mobile phone casings and tampo printing in Japan and overseas and have received high praise.

UV Coating Finish (UV Coating)


Expanding our business to UV exterior coating finish for mobile phone unit casings, we have accumulated results and gained high appreciation for our high precision UV coating thickness and the sophisticated appearance of the finishing process, achieved in an electronics factory-level environment equipped with dust and humidity control, air showers, and clean facilities. Additionally, in response to the trend in demand for alternatives for conventional decorative plating due to environmental concerns, we have entered the market for vacuum deposition processing as well as expanded our processing services to cover the need for anti-static electricity solutions. We are taking a progressive approach to developing processing technology and we aim to be a comprehensive surface processing manufacturer that can respond to all product development needs.

We have also been conducting decorative vacuum deposition processing, responding to needs for anti-static electricity solutions and non-conductive metal film processing (discontinuous vacuum deposition/UV finish) effective against electromagnetic interference. For this we have also received high regard for our work in providing surface processing combining decoration and functionality.