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Healthcare & AgrochemicalsHealthcare & Agrochemicals

CBC provides outsource service for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and intermediates, and also in the business of agrochemical compounds. In addition to our business as a trading company, we are expanding as a manufacturer with the development of cutting-edge technology and our original research together with our partner companies in each field. CBC is actively developing our overseas business aiming at creating a society in which people can enjoy a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.[Division]Life Products Division

Products & Service
  • API/Intermediates outsourcing service
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
  • Agro products and agrochemical-related business
  • PNA (peptide nucleic acid)
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics, supplements
  • Drawing on our strong overseas network, we are supplying Active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates from around the world as well as from our subsidiary company in Italy, Procos. CBC's portfolio also includes a wide variety of Pharmaceutical Excipients like Carbopol (Carboxy vinyl polylmer), Lactose, etc.
  • We carry pheromone formulations, herbicides, etc.
  • Our business covers advanced field including PNAs (Peptide Nucleic Acids) for use as a diagnostic agent, etc.
  • We supply a variety of medical devices, notably environmental-friendly endoscope repressor, and surgical equipments etc.
  • We supply a wide diversity of safe and functional raw materials for cosmetics and toiletry products, such as Carbopol (carboxy vinyl polymer) and silicone products. In addition, we provide raw materials for nutritional supplements that help prevent disease related to lifestyle.
  • CBC carries color toners for recyclable laser printer cartridges. These toners, designed for environmental-friendly recyclable cartridges, are sold under the Spheritone brand name.

Promotion such as

  • We are marketing pheromone-based Lepidoptera mating disruption (MD) products developed by Shin-Etsu Chemicals Co., Ltd. MD is a new breeding prevention method for orchard pest control using synthetic sex pheromones to disrupt the reproductive cycle of insects without directly killing insects.