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2.4GHz Digital Wireless Camera & Receiver/Monitor

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    Cost Effective Wireless Camera & Receiver/Monitor

    -Wiring is not required by means of wireless system./-Can be installed easily to any place./-Can be used in outdoors as splash-proof and water-proof, of IP66 grade./-Even in the dark room or at night, clear images by infrared LED lights./-The wireless connection setup, one push a pairing button./-Available to add up to four cameras, quad view can be./-Available conversation through a built-in microphone in the Camera and a built-in speaker in the Receiver/Monitor./-Less likely to be bugged and peeped by means of reliable digital FH method./-Available long time recording with the DVR & PC./-Available remote internet monitoring with DVR, PC, mobile phone & iPad./-Camera with sales of more than 100 million around the world.

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