Message from the President

Dream Together

We will contribute to the prosperity of employees and their families and the development of society and local communities through sustainable growth of the company.

The philosophy of CBC Co., Ltd., which has been handed down since its foundation in 1925, is to continue growing permanently, always with passion and "ultimate efforts" and to provide a platform where employees, who are the most precious asset of the company, can realize their respective dreams through the Shosha spirit + challenging spirit as well as the joy of creating from zero. This is the grass roots of CBC Co., Ltd. and the source of "CBC Value."

We take pride in our history, which has been nurtured and accumulated for generations, while never forgetting our feelings of gratitude to everyone. We will advance with the speed of a whirlwind while always maintaining our venture spirit and aspirations. We aim to be a company that conveys to everyone a sense of dynamism and passion, as well as "value" that has yet to be seen and "value" that is newly created through our business.

As a "development type creative Shosha (trading company)", combining the functions of a Shosha and a manufacturer, the company advanced into a business which was completely different from its previous one, starting with the M&A of an optical business in 1981. Our manufacturing business, which is now equal to our original trading business, has expanded widely in the chemical, electronic material and automotive fields as well as environmental business, the IT and robotic-related fields, and especially the fast-growing pharmaceutical manufacturing and bio-pharmaceutical and bio-agricultural chemical-related fields. In addition, the company has continued to further accelerate its globalization since opening its Shanghai branch office in 1936 and has developed globally with 60 bases in 20 countries around the world.

Our corporate philosophy of "Co-existence and Co-prosperity/Dream Together" will remain unchanged forever. We will continue to provide more powerful "CBC Value" to everyone, with all employees working together so that we can maintain our stance as a company that continues to develop and prosper eternally by maintaining our challenging spirit in any age. At the same time, we aim to make social contributions by developing business and growing with a global presence in a wide range of fields.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance going forward.

Masataro Doi
President, CBC Co., Ltd