What’s CBC GRIT?

What’s CBC GRIT?

“CBC GRIT” is a new corporate value of CBC Group defined in 2022 in conjunction with the formulation of the Mid-term Business Plan ending in 2024, which marks the 100th anniversary of the company. “GRIT” means “the Power of Passion and Perseverance,” and we believe that “passion” and “utmost efforts” are the keys to this driving force.

CBC aims to be an excellent company that grows permanently. This means constantly overcoming various challenges that involve self-transformation while protecting CBC's corporate culture. In order to achieve this, it is of course necessary for each employee to improve his or her abilities and skills. However, what is even more essential is the passion and strong commitment to produce results.

What we want to realize through “CBC GRIT” is the passion of each employee, the efforts backed by this passion and the commitment to work through to the end to achieve results. This will enable both employees and the company to prosper together.

“CBC GRIT” is indeed our corporate value that embodies our corporate philosophy of “Co-existence and Co-prosperity / Dream Together”.

What’s CBC GRIT 100 Challenge?

CBC will celebrate its 100th anniversary in fiscal 2024. However, we consider these 100 years to be only a passing point, as our “challenge” will continue into the next century. Under the spirit of our corporate value “CBC GRIT,” all employees will work together to accomplish the Mid-term Business Plan that ends in the 100th year and aim for sustainable growth that will continue into the 101st year and beyond. Our slogan to achieve this vision toward the 100th term is “CBC GRIT 100 Challenge.”

“Co-existence Co-prosperity/Dream Together” is the corporate philosophy to continue to strive, make efforts, grow and take on challenges so that the employees and the company can grow and develop together and capture happiness and joy with their own hands. We shall successfully complete our 100th anniversary and aim for further growth under the slogan “CBC GRIT 100 Challenge.”

The Story of How CBC GRIT Was Born

Hard work is more powerful than talent and skill” and “unrelenting effort is backed by passion

The term “CBC GRIT” was inspired by the best-selling book “GRIT” written by Professor Angela Duckworth, which was published in the United States in 2016, and our corporate value “CBC GRIT” was born after adding CBC’s originality to this.

The phrases “hard work is more powerful than talent and skill” and “unrelenting effort is backed by passion” that are introduced as the keys to success in the book are passages that greatly inspired the creation of CBC's corporate value.

Our wish behind the Logo

The logo for the “CBC GRIT 100 Challenge” was designed by the prominent firm that also created the CBC corporate logo. After communicating our aspiration on the CBC GRIT in advance, we selected this logo from among several candidate designs.

The logo is based on CBC's corporate color, blue, and is designed to represent the image of the keystone blue color rising steadily within the letters GRIT, hoping to achieve a successful 100th anniversary and continue to grow permanently afterwards.

This logo is printed on our business cards as well as on numerous company fixtures, banners and internal company materials in order to promote awareness within the company.