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Our commitment to the environment

Environmental Principles

In recognition of the fact that conserving the global environment is one of the most important tasks for people everywhere, CBC has determined that it will give full consideration to environmental conservation in all aspects of its business activities, and consequently, the company has decided on and is implementing the following environmental policy.


ISO14001 Cetificate

Environmental Policy

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
  1. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
    In the course of furthering our business activities, we will comply with all laws, regulations, agreements, etc., related to the environment and we will make efforts to conserve the environment and prevent pollution.
  2. Environmentally-friendly Business Development
    In the course of developing our business, in the full recognition of the finite nature of natural resources and within the limits that the company can employ from a technological and economic standpoint, we will strive for effective use of resources based on the principle of prioritizing the conservation of natural ecosystems and the global environment.
  3. Formulation of an Environment Management System and its Continuous Improvement
    In the interests of realizing an effective environmental policy, we will set out environmental objectives and targets, formulate an environment management system, and implement its provisions, while also making efforts towards the continuous improvement of the system.
  4. Familiarization of Staff with the Environmental Policy and Public Announcement
    We will familiarize all executives and employees with the provisions of the environment policy and also announce the details publicly.

August 1, 2016