In the fashion business, a market where consumer lifestyles are diversifying, and where the development of eco-friendly products is being promoted, we aim to develop and sell products that are ecological and suitable for the market, while collecting worldwide fashion information on time.


We utilize our network in the EU zone centered on Italy to provide detailed support for developing, manufacturing and distributing unique global products, from the import of cutting-edge materials to production in Japan and ASEAN countries. In order to respond to changing market needs, we offer a wide range of products, from textile products to industrial materials, that meet diversifying lifestyles.

Development of SDG-related products

Aiming to realize sustainable manufacturing that is eco-friendly to the global environment, we will continue to develop products from textiles to consumer goods with an awareness of reducing clothing loss and CO2 emissions.

Examples of Applications
・Development and sale of household goods using resin that reduces CO2 emissions
・Circular initiatives to collect and recycle garments
・Development of sustainable and functional products such as biodegradable materials