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Dielectric constant application type Film Thickness Measurement System

We acquired the exclusive agency rights in Japan for KUNDIG CONTROL SYSTEMS (headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland), a manufacturer of film thickness measurement equipment in 1990.This is an environmentally-friendly film thickness measurement system that continuously measures film thickness on one side of the sensor head with a dielectric constant applied structure.This system is indispensable for the automatic thickness control of the Blown film manufacturing equipment.It is a highly reliable measuring device in the industry and boasts an overwhelming share of the global market.

There are two types: contact type and non-contact type.


Link to each types of thickness gauge video.
Filmtest 3G:

K-500 Rotomat KT 3G:

KCF-700 Rotomat KT 3G:

KNC-400 Rotomat KT 3G: