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Participated in the "ifia/HFE 2015 Exhibition"

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    From May 20, for three days, we exhibited at ifia/HFE 2015. We introduced our functional food ingredients from BioActor (the Netherlands), Ingredia (France), Lasenor (Spain), Powdered Gum Base for direct compression (Health in Gum) from Cafosa (Spain) etc. We act as agent for all of these companies. Also, in the area of "bone health", we newly introduced Inulin from Coscra (Belgium) and water-soluble curcumin from Bioextract (Belgium), as well as Protetyte from RBS (Japan).

    During the exhibition, we held two presentations attended by many visitors. We gave general information and explained the modes of action of our functional food ingredients that enhance the activity of osteoblast cells and improve blood flow.


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