Procos S.p.A. is specializing in the development, scale-up and production of APIs, advanced intermediates and related services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Procos S.p.A. (CEO) / CEO of Procos S.p.A.

Enrico Zodio

Enrico Zodio
Procos S.p.A. (CEO) / CEO of Procos S.p.A.

Born in Padova, a city in northeastern Italy.
Studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Padova and graduated in 1989.
Almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Joined Procos in 1999 and held several management positions (Commercial Director, General Manager,
Became CEO in 2010.

Our company: a long history

Procos S.p.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese company CBC Co. Ltd Group, specializing in the development, scale-up and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), advanced intermediates and related services for the pharmaceutical industry.
The manufacturing site is located in Cameri, Italy. This 160,000 square meter cutting-edge multipurpose plant, which was fully designed under cGMP compliance, has been successfully audited and approved by the main regulatory authorities including AIFA, FDA and PMDA.
We are a locally rooted company yet part of an international network, with commercial offices in key strategic locations.

Our business: we move in a much bigger context

Our core business sectors include Custom Synthesis and Generic API manufacturing.
Entering the CBC group strengthened our position in the Japanese market. At the same time, we are present and constantly developing our presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, to increase our global footprint.
Global network and teamwork: Procos is in a position to work and grow in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry across the world.
With a wider availability of information and the most up-to-date communication technology, this network brings us closer and closer to our customers and partners.
The cooperation with our customers is every day: very often, we explore needs and opportunities together.
This means: flexibility, transparency and trust

Innovation: we have the power to innovate in a myriad of fields

To ensure our constant growth in an increasingly competitive market, Procos strives to pursue new innovation, while keeping our core identity, by constantly investing in our company and in our people.
A long-term investment plan started in 2006 is still ongoing and it involves the expansion of the Production Departments and Technological Platform Innovation.
With this in mind, Procos S.p.A. is proud to announce the approval of the plan for the construction of a brand-new production department titled R11, with 4 floors by 4,000 square meters, which will bring the production capacity of the entire plant from 560m3 to 700m3 for a total investment of approximately 100 million of Euro.
The target of Procos is to provide the most complete service both to our Innovator clients and to the Generic pharmaceutical companies who provide sustainable access to high quality medicines for all
patients. Moreover, we want to think outside our comfort zone and invest in new business areas in the pharma world.
In order to create a balanced and organic growth, Procos uses a combination of three drivers:
  • - Business Growth by the increase of our Manufacturing capacity
  • - Compliance by the construction of our Quality Unit Building including a State-Of-The-Art QC Lab.
  • - Innovation Technology by the expansion of the R&D Lab where we installed the CHEMSPEED™ Automation System and the investment in new technological areas such as HPAPI Dept which represents a unique asset of its kind, also thanks to its containment capacity of 10ng per cubic meter

Never willing to settle for past success, we are always looking for new challenges to shape our future

Our Group's slogan is “Dream Together.” It represents the spirit that we adopted from the CBC Group, and at the same time, it is the spirit that colors our day-to-day activities. Because we deeply understand this philosophy as a team and implement it on a daily basis, it has become a conduit of success.
Procos has proved to be a strong, dynamic company with enormous potential over the years. The secret of our success is the People.
Since Procos SpA became part of the Japanese Group CBC CO., LTD, in 2006, the concept of Brand Awareness as well as the strong expansion towards the international market has been achieved thanks to the commitment and perseverance put in place by Procos Management & People who are committed to maintaining constant time investments, the growth of personnel and technology, but above all the growth of a strong environmental and health policy for workers.
Today, Procos is achieving sales over €200 million in turnover and a continuous increase in production capacity that makes our organization a flagship of the Italian scene.
All these investments resulted in positive outcomes like the Felix Award, a prize given to the top Italian companies with a sustainable growth plan.
Our mission for the future has not changed:
We are strongly committed to safeguarding the environment and ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards. We aim to increase our market shares globally, bringing reciprocal prosperity to our customers and ourselves without forgetting our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.