CBC America will keep trying its very best to create new business in this big market.

President & C.E.O / President & C.E.O of CBC America

Katsunori Kida


CBC America was established in 1970 as a US branch of CBC Group to conduct a chemical trading business between the US and Japan.
During the past 50 years, however, we kept changing our business style from a simple trading business to a more value added and localized business year by year to respond to changes in our business environment.
The distribution business involving many types of products, such as chemicals, agrochemicals, optics, flooring and materials is one of our unique business styles established by our localized business development. It possesses warehousing facilities in the US, which has brought many good opportunities to us to enter new business fields in our territory.
Furthermore, in order to strengthen our position in the market, we gradually shifted from being a simple trader to a manufacturer by possessing our own brands and products and holding our own product registrations in our territories.
This initiative made us special among our competitors, and these challenges also brought us into a new business world.

Our Main Fields

At this moment, we have the following business fields with dedicated business units;
- Chemicals
- Healthcare
- Life Products
- Plastic Raw Materials & Products
- Optics & Security Products/Software
- Flooring Materials
All business units have been utilizing our distribution facilities to provide better service to our customers through our history, and all business units have some of the strong features as mentioned above.

Challenges to Enter a Different World

Many changes have been introduced by our seniors in the past 48 years, and to make ourselves more unique and stronger in the market, we will have to keep devoting our maximum efforts to changing ourselves even from now on. We will also need to seek opportunities to enter a different world.
In the healthcare industry, new challenges are being undertaken with our local partners by owning sales channels in the newly launched generics business in the US market, which has been one of our dreams from the past. We will keep broadening the varieties of generics to capture a bigger market share with strong support from our Japanese HQ and overseas offices including Procos. This worldwide network is one of our strong points in the CBC Group. Our Slogan “Dream Together” stands for such borderless cooperation around the globe.
In the optics and security industry, we are shifting our position from being a hardware supplier to a software provider to the market by utilizing AI technologies to create innovation in the industry. This is a very big challenge for us, but in this IT industry, this innovation is indispensable if we are to make ourselves different from the past and more unique in the industry.
At the same time, as in the case of optics, we have shifted our field from security to factory automation in line with the new movement of Industry 4.0 in the world. Even in this activity, we are cooperating with our HQ and overseas offices and factories in Japan, China and Bangladesh.
We are also undergoing many challenges and trying our very best to seed, cultivate and harvest businesses all the time to ensure our everlasting growth.

The US, the Country of Innovation

As everybody knows, the US is one of the most advanced countries in the world because it possesses cutting-edge technologies combined with rich natural resources, and at the same time, has one of the biggest domestic markets in many fields.
As the US arm of the CBC Group, one of our important missions is to discover new technology, business schemes,
and new products earliest amongst our competitors and establish new business that will bring us into a different world!!
CBC America will keep trying its very best to create new business in this big market, and we intend to cooperate with our group companies to ensure that CBC always remains unique and strong in the world.
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