CBC AMERICA will keep trying its very best to create new business in this big market.

Managing Executive Officer Board of Director

Shinya Miyairi

Shinya Miyairi
Managing Executive Officer and Board Director

1991 Joined CBC, Fine Foods Div.
1999 CBC America Corp (Senior Manager)
2004 CBC F&HM Div (Leader)
2016 CBC Life Product Div. (Executive Officer)
2020 Current position

About Us

CBC America, established in 1970 as CBC Group's third overseas subsidiary, is currently based in New York, Los Angeles and North Carolina and operates in the North, Latin and South American markets. In the half-century since our establishment, we have established a solid position in the world’s largest and fastest changing business environment by shifting from trading business to higher value-added businesses such as the development of own-brand products, manufacturing and M&A, with chemical, pharmaceutical, agriscience and optical businesses at our core. Our growth has been built on not only successes but also many failures. We will continue to take on challenges with full force to provide added value to this most attractive market in the world.

Business Fields

  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Agriscience
  • - Specialty chemicals
  • - Optical, security, data management-related
  • - Lifestyle-related
  • Development in Operating Countries

    In the pharmaceutical business, we are promoting contract manufacturing of small molecule APIs and intermediates as well as sales of self-developed APIs, mainly through our group company Procos. We are also engaged in sales of high-purity additives with minimal microbial contamination used in the production of antibody drugs, vaccines and cell and gene therapy drugs among others, in order to respond to the diversification of modalities in the expanding global biopharmaceutical market.
    In the agriscience business, we have also started distributing pheromone products with low environmental impact and are expanding sales of biopesticides and natural predators manufactured in Europe to the U.S. market. In the life sciences business, CBC AMERICA is striving to create added value and develop products that are attractive to the market by leveraging our global network and expertise.
    We are also expanding our specialty chemical business, which mainly handles raw materials for automotive, with a focus especially on battery-related products essential for EVs, optical and electronic materials, and food and beverage packaging materials.
    As a leading manufacturer of its own brand, “computar,” in the optics business, we are developing a wide range of products from security to robotics and machine vision applications. Also, in order to break away from traditional hardware dependence, we are proposing software platforms (VMS) utilizing custom AI and IOT technologies from the U.S. to the world and are proactively involved in the DATA management business.

    We are striving to respond to global competition in all our business fields by collaborating closely with our manufacturing bases in Asia and Europe, without forgetting our innovative perspective and the flexibility and speed to respond to market changes.

    America, the Land of Innovation

    Mebane in NC (National HQ)

    NY Office

    The United States, a country of immigrants, is a superpower boasting the world’s most advanced technology, abundant resources and huge consumption. Our mission as CBC Group’s base in the U.S. is to provide added value to this mega market and disseminate cutting-edge technologies from the U.S. by making full use of the Group’s strength, namely, our global network and expertise. Together with our local staff, we will strive to build unique and sustainable businesses that only CBC America can offer.